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Summary: In desperation to keep the Infinity Stones safe from Thanos, Doctor Strange and the Masters store the stones into six children. Fifteen years later, Thanos comes for the kids. Now the Avengers and the Guardians of the Galaxy are determined to protect them until they use the power of stones to defeat Thanos once and for all


Torunn, daughter of Thor. Keeper of the red Stone. Eighteen. James Rogers, son of Captain America and Sharon Carter, keeper of the blue Stone. Eighteen

Morgan Stark, daughter of Iron Man, keeper of the soul Stone. She is seventeen

Elspeth Quill, daughter of Star-Lord and Gamora, keeper of the purple Stone. Fifteen.

Sofia Strange, daughter of Doctor Strange, keeper of the green Stone. Fifteen

Natalya Maximoff, daughter of Vision (who operates as a normal human without the mind Stone due to Shuri) and Scarlet Witch. Keeper of the Yellow Stone Natalya is the youngest of the kids, being only eleven. Her being a child infuriated her parents put the Stone in her. Sofia transfers the Stone to Liam banner, who willingly takes it to protect his honorary sister.

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